For each stage of growing up, a child needs techniques and toys aimed at developing different areas of skills and abilities. In our catalog you will find a wide range of toys for children from the first days of life, which will become their true friends, and you will become reliable assistants in the harmonious development of your child. All presented toys are made in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards adopted in the international community. Bright colors, unusual design, functions affecting various forms of perception - all this is presented on our pages by world manufacturers of children's goods.

The game reproduces ordinary events from the real world as well as possible. And the sooner the child understands the "rules", the easier it will be for him to socialize. For example, in kindergarten, then at school. After all, the main role of all games is not only to entertain the child, but also to adapt him to the world around him. Especially when it comes to kids. As a rule, during the game, several of these skills are developed at once: from memory to imagination, the formation of thinking, speech.

Doll Alla

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Doll Anna

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Doll Jane

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Doll Vale

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Doll Tyle

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Doll Kety

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Doll Monro

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Doll Many

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Once the child develops and matures, the toy becomes more than a multi-colored piece of plush or plastic. The toy is already acquiring an emotional color and tightly enters the daily life of the baby: the child shakes it, feeds it, tells interesting stories, puts it next to it while watching cartoons. Children's toys have an incredibly positive effect on the psyche: the development of interest, curiosity, feelings of care, understanding, empathy. It is important for babies that it is possible to establish tactile contact with the toy - to hug, to put next to them in bed. The child, together with the toy, experiences all the events of the day. Until kindergarten or until the moment when the baby begins to actively communicate with peers, the toy becomes his best friend. But in addition to the positive aspects, there are toys that can negatively affect the behavior and development of the child's psyche. You will be surprised, but such toys also exist. In the first couple of months after birth, the child practically does not respond to stimuli from the surrounding world. The most important moment at this age is the tactile sensation between the baby and the mother. Gradually, the child begins to respond to all the sounds that he hears nearby, as well as colorful toys, things, dishes that are next to him. By about 3 months of development, the child tries to take an object that is interesting to him and draw it closer to him. And everything that he reaches is usually immediately sent to the mouth "for trial".